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ReachLocal Inc: Small Business Marketing System

Small Business Marketing System

ReachEdge includes a smart website, easy-to-use lead management software, innovative tracking technology and a powerful mobile application.

So many business owners make significant investments in online marketing and advertising, only to have the majority of their leads slip through the cracks. If they don't have a website that engages visitors and turns them into leads, don't have a mobile website, don't quickly respond to new leads, routinely follow up with their best leads, or know which of their marketing campaigns are working, they are likely wasting those investments. ReachEdge is a comprehensive marketing system that gives business owners the tools and support they need to get the most out of their marketing dollars. It combines a smart website, easy-to-use lead management software and a powerful mobile application that work together to help SMBs convert more visitors into leads and more leads into customers.

ReachEdge product features:

  • Smart Website
    • Professionally designed incorporating best practices for lead conversion
    • Optimized version for smartphones and tablets
    • Custom content creation
    • Advanced capture technology (tracking phone numbers, automatic contact information capture)
    • Integrated with social media presence
    • Search engine optimized content and features
    • Self-service updates
    • Optional live chat module
  • Lead Management Software
    • Real-time notification of new contacts via text message, email or mobile app alert
    • Call recording
    • One-touch lead classification that kicks off automated marketing
    • Automated lead list building
    • Reminder notifications of active leads
    • Custom, branded lead nurturing emails
  • Mobile Application
    • Prioritized list of new contacts and active leads requiring follow-up
    • Full information on each lead including call-recordings and email/form details
    • Lead source and engagement reports
    • Closed loop reporting on revenue driven by each marketing source
    • Detailed performance reports available via web portal


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