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The thing my generation created - now drives the 21st century infotainment | in·fo·tain·ment

Infotainment is "information-based media content or programming that also includes entertainment content in an effort to enhance the popularity with audiences and consumers."[1] The term can also refer to the hardware/software products and systems which are built into or can be added to vehicles in order to enhance driver and/or passenger experience. Manly seen in an up and coming aspect in the automobile industry. And yes and it will be not only in top end vehicles - but a standard equipment in vehicles like airbags in the near future one would guess.

However my generation has also realized and leanrned, that humor or the attempt to see the humor close to insanity - can be the true way to actually get news and digest it without being spoon fed some crap the media would want me to believe. Now media controls masses, but with the internet -- and that's why some want to stop it - the masses start to control the media...