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If you feel your business is not reaching its full potential, you should hire an experienced Internet marketing company. At Advance My Idea, we can help clients start a new website or adjust their company’s current website to improve web ranking. Since Internet advertising is extremely competitive, your company’s website needs the right content, media, search engine optimization techniques, and management to maintain or advance its search engine result rankings. Our staff treats every client with the same level of respect, regardless of the size of their business. We have more than 15 years of Internet marketing experience and have helped many companies improve their websites’ rankings, as well as their overall business.

Advance My Idea offers the following types of Internet marketing services:

  • Business Development Consulting: We can help new business owners create business plans and strategies via Internet marketing techniques. Depending on what a company owner desires, our Internet marketing staff can help new companies solely with the start-up basics or we can help businesses throughout the span of their business. If a new company has a website that is not ranking well, our Internet marketing experts can help business owners determine what needs improvement.
  • Digital Media Management: Our company can help businesses with digital media projects, as well as develop new digital media advertising techniques. We are experts at viral marketing and interactive advertising. These types of marketing and advertising heavily rely on the public to distribute information regarding our clients’ companies. We can also update our companies’ social media pages with recent accomplishments, promotions, etc.
  • Reputation Management & Brand Protection: We strive to ensure every client has positive results on search engine pages so their respectable reputations remain intact. We can help censor negative complaints, respond to customer complaints, ask sites to remove incorrect information about our clients’ companies, and perform various other reputation management actions. Regarding brand protection, Advance My Idea can ensure that no one is exploiting a client’s brand for their own gain.
  • Search Engine Marketing & Optimization : Search engine marketing involves our company promoting our clients’ websites by increasing their rankings using optimization and/or advertising. Search engine optimization is what our team can perform to improve our clients’ rankings in organic search results. Whether we need to rewrite a company’s current website content or use pay-per-click listings, Advance My Idea can help companies improve their online presence.

Improve Your Company’s Business by Hiring Advance My Idea

If your website is not ranking well, your company will continue to lose business and your competitors will continue to outrank you on search engine result pages. Companies that are serious about improving their websites to increase their company’s business should contact an Internet marketing specialist at Advance My Idea. If you would like to schedule a free estimate or free web presence analysis, fill out a free consultation.

To contact Advance My Idea , please give us a call at (212) 203-3377.

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